Demonstrations 2011​-​2015

by Amazing Mammals

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A collection of tracks and experiments recorded whilst living in various locations around London between 2011 and 2015... probably about the same duration as the fictive relationship that appears to be threaded through the album... which feels strangely, unintentionally cohesive, despite the diffuse circumstances of its creation.

Sometimes things are okay, and sometimes things are not okay;
It's possible to move in, and it's possible to move away.

To thine own self be true, and to all who sail in her.


released March 27, 2016

© Amazing Mammals



all rights reserved


Amazing Mammals UK

Amazing Mammals is the solo project of a London-based singer-songwriter and electronic musculus.

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Track Name: Very Old Friend
Turned grey and the pussy picked up
I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one
I got a graphic design firm 101
Thought I'd let you know 'cos you're a very old friend

Do your parents still have that boat?
Are they still together - love those folks
Did they get divorced it happens to us all

If you can break my heart
You're the kind of cunt I need
To get through to me
You'll need
Some killer heals

Want to talk to you just a while
About our daughter and the house that we used to have
Want to talk about the times we had
I wanna talk about the things that I did were bad
Wanna be your friend again
I never wanted to leave this like it got left

If you can break my heart
You're the kind of cunt I need
To get through to me
You will need
Some killer heals

Want to talk to you again
I"m so lonely baby
I can't think straight
Don't think I've got a lot of time
I thought I'd let you know 'cos you're a very old friend of mine

I'm sorry baby
Track Name: Hello Mike
It wasn't even midnight
And I didn't even kiss you
You were not really wearing
The cheap perfume I got you
Hello Mike

I held you in my arms
But then again you were not there
We laughed until the morning
And the windows all exploded
Oh hello Mike

I know what you are thinking
But I haven't just been drinking
I'll take a rock and throw it
Against the City's green green glass
Hello Mike

I could have done without you
Now you'll be doing service
If you throw me in the river
What's one more body, buddy?
One more body, buddy
Track Name: No More Grazing Your Shins
God only knows, and now I do too
I never would have left if I'd
Known the truth

You see I don't want to live in total denial

God knows I'm good, but then he's not you
Wish I'd taken more pictures
'Cos the wetware's failing by the old school railings

Don't wanna

Struck me today
Visual culture has frozen my brain
I'm an old romantic
Preserved in aspic
It's not the same
I want to write you a letter
But all I can do
Is draw obscene doodles of me and you
All obscene doodles of me and you

I don't wanna

Look at you -
All red eyed and blue -
You've got as much easy charm
As a stone in a shoe
You're too green to be wise
You're too old now to be new
One look in your eyes
Don't see any use for you

The sky was red over Coram's Fields
You got on your knees and I turned on my heels
Track Name: Slow Start
Was a year ago now
I started to write you a song
Snow come down

Years ago now
I lost all my words on the lawn
Was an awkward song

I don't know where you are
But you know where I am
I wish you all the best
Track Name: Only Joking
Only joking